Wednesday, July 25, 2007


So what I've been thinking about lately is this: everyone that I know well has this secret war that they wage. It's a deeply personal war, one fought in the soul and against eternal forces. It's interesting to me that this battle people struggle with leaves signs if you'll watch for it, but it's always surprisingly fierce and sometimes the depth or range of it will take you by surprise. This is all very abstract and vague and so not very interesting, but I think the important part of it is this: the thing we struggle with defines us as surely as our strengths do. Even though we don't show our scars or wounds, even though it's a personal battle and one we have to fight alone, even though we think that no one else battles as intensely as we do, the struggle makes us who we are. For instance, a person seems super chaste, but struggles with bridling passions. And she believes that she's immoral, but to all eyes she's super straight arrow. So our unseen weaknesses inform who we are. They are the other 90% of the iceberg